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A shop made by customers for customers.

You guys have more ideas and suggestion then just us. Lets work together to build a better shop for everyone to enjoy.

Tell us your ideas how to improve the customer service

We strive to become your go to shop for your hobby. We all love and adore ants, that is why we want the best for our lovely pets.

You have an idea don't be shy and email it to us @

You will also find a list of ideas already suggested and our reply to those questions.

Black out cover for nest. ( Work in progress )

This was requested and we will look into adding those covers. We will try to offer different colors so you can customize the look of your acquired nest.

Those covers will have a handle for easy removing. We are not sure if we wanna add the water holes in those as well. If we add them then watering your nests can be done without disturbing the ants. Give us your feedback.


Red film for nests ( Denied )

This is a common question and sadly this is too ingrained in this hobby. Red films only need to be used with a select few species. Most of the ants can be kept in full light and do fine.

When you use red film how often do you find yourself removing the cover to look inside cause red film does block a lot of our visibility. If you truly wanna provide darkness for your ants go with a blacked out cover.

On the other hand we might offer sheets of red film so you can cut yourself. Give us feedback on this.

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